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International: + 1 819 425-2731

Your friends are welcome!

Hôtel du Lac accepts small, quiet, well-behaved pets (dogs and cats).

Only dogs and cats under 40 pounds are accepted.

There is an additional charge of $25 per day.*

One pet is allowed per condo.*

The pet must not be noisy.*
To walk your pet, we suggest the Chemin Lac tremblant nord, located in front of the hotel. No pets are allowed on the beach.*

No pets are allowed (in your arms, on a leach, in a cage) in the common areas; lobby, bar, dining room, corridors, meeting rooms, pool, etc. *

*Reservations for the pet must be made at the time of reservation.

*Hôtel du Lac cannot be held responsible for damages caused by your pet and reserves the right to refuse all reservations.