The Spa-sur-le-lac

A superb relaxation experience awaits you at Spa-sur-le-Lac, in the heart of nature. Accommodation and gastronomy are available on-site to complement your experience. Enjoy all the pleasures of our resort, the number 1 destination in Mont-Tremblant!
Step through the doors of Spa-sur-le-Lac and enter an oasis of peace, unique to Mont-Tremblant. In its polished, tranquil atmosphere, our experienced professionals will pamper you in a way that restores and rejuvenates.
In the enveloping warmth of one of our twelve rooms, you may choose massage therapy, hydrotherapy, beauty treatments and specialized body treatments. We offer a full range of treatments: massage, therapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, pressure therapy, as well as specialized beauty and body treatments such as pedicures, manicures/treatments for hands and feet, face, makeup, hair removal and exfoliation.
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Experience all the advantages of our resort, Mont-Tremblant’s number 1 destination!

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